Joachim Schonfeldt (All The World's Futures)

Born in Pretoria, South Africa, 1958 

Joachim Schönfeldt’s practice has been long concerned with the relationship between objects and oral discourse. After graduating from the University of Witwaterand, Schönfeldt began his artistic career as a curator and researcher of historical African art before becoming a full-time artist in 1988. He co-founded the artists’ studio complex Bag Factory in Johannesburg, which rooted his continued interest in collaborative and interdisciplinary modes of production and exchange. Using the African art object as a starting point, Schönfeldt’s practice articulates a broad investigation into the role of narrative in African culture, and the everyday lives of its peoples. In effect, the work itself is an outcome of how objects intervene in discourse, be they used in verbal narratives or animated by language itself. 

View of Joachim Schonfeldt's series, "Factory Drawing Drawn In Situ (Anvil 7)," 2010-2015.